How to Save and Edit an Action in Photoshop

Actions may be able to records a complicated series of steps but that doesn’t mean that they are complicated to use. In fact, actions are quite easy to use. In this tutorial we will explain how to save, and then edit a long series of steps using actions. Let’s get started!         […]Read more

Quick Tip: Create an Animated 3D GIF in Photoshop CS6

  Final Product What You’ll Be Creating         In this tutorial, we will explain how to take a flat logo and animate it using Photoshop’s new 3D and Timeline features. Let’s get started!    Read more

Quick-Tip: Create Glossy Plastic Text in Photoshop

    Preview of Final Results       Learn a quick and easy way to create reflective plastic text in Photoshop from scratch. Three layer styles will be combined to achieve this effect. We will also explore blending modes and their effective use to achieve this type effect with layer styles. Same effect can […]Read more

AI Gradient Mesh Tutorial – A Beautiful Apple!

Out of all the tools available in Adobe Illustrator, one of the most useful – and often the most intimidating for new program users – is the gradient mesh capability. Clicking on the tool by accident might have been your first foray into an exploration of its full capability; perhaps you were commandeered to research […]Read more

Quick Tip: Create a Realistic Paper Texture in 5 Minutes

Final Product What You’ll Be Creating In this quick tip tutorial, we will learn how to create a realistic paper texture from scratch in just 5 minutes. To do this we will use some simple filters and effects. Let’s get started! Step 1 Create new file 1280 x 1024 px. Create a rectangular selection in the […]Read more

Quick Tip: Rename Layers in Photoshop CS6 Using the Tab Key

Final Product What You’ll Be Creating      Read more

Lonely – Manipulation Tutorial

  Introduction     Although we only need a few stock images for this manipulation, the real challenge will be to create the illumination and the night ambient. It took me a while until I found the right combination of blend modes and Adjustment Layers that worked. If you’ve already seen my Manipulation Secrets episodes, […]Read more

Cool Unusual Text Effect

  Final Image Preview       This tutorial will explain how to create an amazing 3D-like text effect using some gradient fills, lasso tools, and the Dodge and Burn Tools. It is really simple but the final result is great. Lets get started.    Read more

Extreme Make-Over – Looking Younger the Easy Way

      Would you like to reverse the clock and look younger? Well with this free Photoshop tutorial we show you how to do this in just a few easy steps.    Read more