Quick Tip: Remove a Person From a Photo With Photoshop CS5’s Content Aware Feature

      Final Product What You’ll Be Creating       With the launch of the new Adobe Suite of programs comes the long awaited Adobe Photoshop CS5. Packed with new features to speed up your workflow it truly is the most advanced edition of Photoshop to date. One of the new features we will […]Read more

How to Create a Flaming Photo Manipulation

      Final Product What You’ll Be Creating         In this tutorial, we’ll manipulate a picture so it looks like a woman burning in flames. The idea behind this manipulation was to create a nice looking illustration, only by using simple techniques and tools such as the Brush tool and Warp command. […]Read more

Photo Effects Week: Create a Cutout Photograph in Photoshop

Final Product What You’ll Be Creating This week we are celebrating the launch of PhotoDune, Envato’s new stock photography website with a series of photo effect and photo manipulation tutorials that showcase the images from our new marketplace. In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to create a cutout photo using simple selections and advanced transformations. The […]Read more

Create an Elephant Sundae Using Photo Manipulation Techniques

Final Product What You’ll Be Creating Photoshop is great at seamlessly combing photos to create an entirely new scene. In this tutorial we will create an elephant sundae using several stock photos. Let’s get started!Read more

Creattica Redesign: Spectacular Photoshop Magic and Freebies

It’s a month of new beginnings over at our design and inspiration gallery Creattica. April has seen the site undergo a complete redesign with a whole new streamlined grid-style layout for its over 50 different categories. On top of that, Creattica now has better navigation, a new UI Elements section and a growing Freebies area of […]Read more

Create a Festive Cocktail Using Photoshop’s 3D Capabilities

Final Product What You’ll Be Creating For many of our readers, this time of year is filled with family, friends, and celebration. In this tutorial, we will explain how to create a festive cocktail using Photoshop’s 3D capabilities just in time for your New Year’s celebrations. Let’s get started!Read more

How to Create a Super Shiny Pencil Icon

    Final Product What You’ll Be Creating       The Pencil is one of the visual metaphors most used to express creativity. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to draw a pencil icon. We’ll have a look at gradients, selection tools, and basic transform operations. Let’s have some fun with this.    Read more

Quick Tip: How to Smooth Skin Without Losing Texture in Photoshop

    Final Product What You’ll Be Creating         There are several ways to smooth skin in Photoshop. All to often, however, skin can appear too smooth, fake, and synthetic. Today I will demonstrate a straightforward technique to help you smooth skin fairly quickly while preserving the texture of the pores. Let’s get […]Read more

Super Fast and Easy Facial Retouching

    In this tutorial, I will show you how to repair some image noise from a low-quality shot, and I will show you an extremely quick and easy way to smooth out a person’s face. The woman in this shot is not a model, and she has a lot of character so we don’t […]Read more

Create a Professional Romantic Comedy Film Poster in Photoshop

Final Product What You’ll Be Creating Movie posters are often amazing pieces of art. What we see as a seamless design however is often a combination of several different images carefully blended and manipulated to produce a desired result. In today’s tutorial, we will demonstrate how to create the key art for a romantic comedy movie […]Read more