Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014


“Merry Christmas and Warm Wishes
for a wonderful Holiday Season
and a very Happy New Year – 2014”


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Photoshop Weather Effects – Snow


The final result.



Written by Steve Patterson. In this photo effects tutorials, we’ll learn how to add falling snow to your outdoor winter photos using Photoshop CS6 and CC (Creative Cloud). If you’re using an earlier version of Photoshop, don’t worry, we didn’t leave you out in the cold. Simply follow along with our original Photoshop Snow Effect tutorial!

In previous tutorials, we learned how to create a starry night sky effect and also how to make it rain in an image, and you may be thinking, “That’s great, but what does that have to do with creating snow?”. Well, if you followed along with those other tutorials, you may have noticed that the same basic technique for adding stars in the sky was also used to create the rain effect. And as you work through this tutorial, you’ll spot the same technique being used again to create the snow! One basic technique, three completely different possibilities! Continue reading  

How to Add a Layer Mask in Photoshop


A layer mask in Photoshop is used to control a layer’s transparency. It’s great if you wish to reveal or hide portions of a layer using a mask. While you can use the Transparency control to adjust the opacity of a layer, using a mask gives you a lot more flexibility in what you show, and what you hide. Better still, you do it all without erasing a single pixel! We’ll show you how to get the most out of this function.

 EditMethod 1 of 2: Making A Layer Mask
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    Select a layer. Highlight the layer you wish to mask. Make sure the layer is visible, or you will not be able to perform this function. Continue reading  

Adding a Fashion Lighting Effect for a Woman Image in Adobe Photoshop CS5


Final Image Preview


Adding a Fashion Lighting Effect for a Woman Image in Adobe Photoshop CS5


Start working by creating a new document (Ctrl+N) in Adobe Photoshop CS5 with the size 800px by 1200px(RGB color mode) at a resolution of 72 pixels/inch. Continue reading  

Compositing photos in Photoshop


Combine your photos in Photoshop to create a truly special composite images.




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Manipulate a Portrait Photo to Create a Splatter Paint Effect


Final Product What You’ll Be Creating



In this tutorial, I will show you how to manipulate a portrait photo to create a splatter paint and drip effect in Photoshop. This tutorial will cover many techniques including overlay painting, blending, and coloring techniques. These techniques can also be re-used for many other projects. Let’s get started!

Tutorial Assets

You will need the following assets to complete this tutorial. Please download them before you begin. If they are not available, feel free to find alternatives.

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10 Things You Need to Know About Masking in Photoshop


Final Product What You’ll Be Creating



Masking is one of the most important techniques or skills to learn in Photoshop. In this tutorial, we will explain 10 things you need to know about masking in Photoshop to help you apply interesting and exciting effects to your images. Let’s get started! Continue reading