Professional photo editing service making your business grow

Long before there was the concept of online businesses, life as usual would depend entirely on print media such as magazines or brochures for advertisement and marketing. Be it your online business or the real life store that you have, the images of the products you sell are the first analysis that they undergo in […]Read more

Learn the Photoshop Image Swap and Blend Technique in just 14 easy steps with useful tips!

Find two images to be swapped. E.g. – a face swapped to another photo. Try to get the angles of the faces in similar position ( as much as possible) Select the Lasso Tool by selecting L or Lasso Tool in the tool bar 1 Make a selection around the face to be used for […]Read more

How to Hire a Product Photographer: 5 Questions You Need to Ask

First thing first. Rates. If you are looking to hire someone then, obviously, you have a budget planned out. Rates differ from photographer to photographer and so do the amount of pictures they can deliver. Thus the best option would be to hire the photographer who can deliver the most photos within a given amount […]Read more

Commercial Photography Tips

Commercial photography is a broad umbrella term but for the purpose of this article we will consider any photography one is paid to do for producing photos meant to be used for commercial purposes as commercial photography. In general, you are required to have professional equipment. You should have the right cameras, lenses, lightboxes, light […]Read more