Beautiful Lady Effect


This is the final image what we will create :


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Use any cutting tools and get your lady out off the background…Reopen that photo and put the layer under “cut layer” :Pick Brush Tool Download and load this brush into Photoshop: Odysee_brush

Creat a new layer under “cut layer”

Pick this brush :

Brush on the new layer like this :

OK. continue!

Download and load this brush into Photoshop : Green Lotus

Creat a new layer up on “cut layer”

Pick this brush :

Put the brush like this with color #c6eaf9

Choose any brush (just downloaded) and creat any new layer, make your photo be plendid!

Step 2 :

Pick Smudge Tool 

Choose this brush : (Chalk brush 60 px)

Go to Window ~> Brushes, set option :

Duplicate “cut layer” once. Rechoose “cut layer”. Start smudging on the edge of your lady how to have something like this :

Change mode = Color Dodge

Duplicate “cut layer copy”, a new layer will appear up on “cut layer copy”

Keep smudge on the edge…

Change mode = Softlight.

Not bad? Want more? Ok! Let’s continue!

Step 3 :

Click the top layer on layer palette.

Go to menu Layer ~> New adjustment layer ~> Curve

Result :

Wow, more impressive.

More more??? Yes yes!!!

Go to menu Layer ~> New adjustment layer ~> Gradient Map

Pick any gradient you feel it suitable to your photo, and here’s some examples :

Mode = Overlay. Opacity = 70%

Mode = Multiply. Opacity = 70%

Mode = Soft light. Opacity = 60%

You’ve already finished this tutorial. Good luck!



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