14 Reasons You Should Start Eating Cucumber






Cucumbers are number four most cultivated vegetable in the world and known to be one of the best foods for your overall health, often referred to as a super food. Pick a handful of firm, dark green cucumbers and drop them into your shopping cart. Congratulations! You have just bought yourself stuff full of good health. Continue reading  

Sugar is sugar — Don’t be fooled







The Food and Drug Administration recently denied a petition by the Corn Refiners Association to rename high fructose corn syrup “corn sugar.” Soon after that, the mayor of New York City proposed prohibiting the sale of large sodas and other sugary drinks (“large” defined as more than 16 fluid ounces). Continue reading  

How Much Water Do YOU Use?






The planet is covered in blue stuff, but as the old saying goes: “water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink.” Globally, water needs are outstripping supply, even as potable water is being contaminated, complicating matters even further. Since we need water to survive, it’s becoming a critical issue in many regions of the world, from California, where people are struggling with a drought, to Britain, which practically drowned in floods earlier this year. Continue reading  

11 Beauty Uses for Lemons



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You might love lemonade and lemon chicken, but your skin and hair love lemons even more—they have an amazing range of beauty benefits. Here are some great uses for the sunny yellow fruit: Continue reading  

15 Amazing Uses for Potatoes






You eat them mashed, baked, and sometimes even fried, but did you know that potatoes can do more than just fill you up? Check out these surprising uses for potatoes!

The surprising uses for potatoes below take advantage of a few different properties of those humble spuds. When it comes to cleaning, the magic is in the oxalic acid, a gentle acid that has quite a few handy cleaning applications. The moisture and starch are what make it so effective for the skin applications listed below. We’ve even got a couple of less-well-known cooking applications thrown in for good measure. Continue reading  






This Asian Noodle Soup is  dairy, gluten and grain free and one of the most nutritious and nourishing meals about.  When the weather is hot and humid as it is at this time of year, I often crave a simple soup.  Not a heavy chunky or blended soup but an Asian style spicy broth.  As I like to make everything I feed my family as nourishing and tasty as possible, I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to do so.  So here it is and as always, with lots of versions to suit your taste and dietary requirements. Continue reading  

10 Health Benfits of Ginger






Ayurveda gives ginger the status of a virtual medicine chest. That’s because this wonder spice has time-tested digestion-friendly properties, in addition to its numerous other health benefits. Continue reading  


amazing-aloe-vera with clippingpathzone       Yesterday, I blogged about how you can easily cultivate your own aloe vera plant. Today, I bring you forty fabulous uses from this “plant of immortality,” as affectionately dubbed by the Egyptians 6,000 years ago. That’s right; the spiky, green gem has a rich history of various cultures and personalities who used the plant’s moist middle in a plethora of practical uses. Like Cleopatra who applied the gel to her body as part of her beauty regimen, the ancient Greeks who used it to cure everything from baldness to insomnia to the Native Americans who called aloe vera the “Wand of the Heaven.” It doesn’t hurt that aloe vera produces at least six natural antiseptics, which are able to kill mold, bacteria, funguses, and viruses. In fact, the plant is so powerful that researchers and scientists are looking into its potential as an AIDS and cancer-fighter. Continue reading  





Somewhere deep in my imagination, visions of a dreamy spiced apple cake have long swirled in my head. This yet-to-be loaf would be perfectly at home on a crisp Sunday morning, enjoyed with a hot cup of tea and a good book in hand. And yet it would be made for giving, the ultimate thank you for a kind gesture shown by a dear friend. Continue reading  

8 Ways to Beat Tension Headaches


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If you suffer from tension headaches, you’re not alone. Tension headaches are the most common type of headache, and experts estimate that they affect up to 78 percent of people. They can be set off by any number of triggers including stress, too little sleep, missing meals, or by a tightening of your neck and scalp muscles by what you’re probably doing right now — reading at a computer. And if half of your days are marred by tension headaches, they’re considered to be chronic. Continue reading