Michael Jackson trial witness lists: star-studded, include his kids


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This is it: On Monday, the wrongful death civil trial pitting members of Michael Jackson’s family against tour promoter AEG Live is set to begin in Los Angeles. Depending on any number of legal factors it could end up being a long slog, dipping into the darker side of fame and celebrity. Continue reading  

How to Hardwire Your Brain for Happiness


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Books for Better Living: In your new bookHardwiring Happiness, you discuss a simple, science-based method for outwitting our brains inner-circuitry and tilting us toward the good in life. How does this work?

Rick Hanson: In a nutshell, the inner strengths that we all need to cope with life and enjoy it – strengths like resilience, positive emotions, confidence, and feeling loved – are based on underlying neural structures.

My book is about simple, quick ways to turn everyday positive experiences into lasting strengths woven into your brain.

Hardwiring Happiness addresses a kind of design flaw in our Stone Age brain. Continue reading  

Top 10 Reasons to Use Lightroom


Final Product What You’ll Be Creating

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Many Photoshop users are not aware of the many advantages of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. In fact, many will tell you that they aren’t really sure what it is used for and how it differs from Bridge. In this tutorial, we will explain a bit more about what Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is used for and will highlight 10 reasons that you should start using this fantastic app today. Let’s take a look!

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9 creative photo ideas to try in November


As part of our ongoing series to help you get more creative with your digital camera, each month we publish some fun, seasonal, creative photo ideas to help inspire your imagination. Along with some amazing images, we’ve also provided some quick photography tips by both amateur andprofessional photographers who are experts in these fields.

9 creative photo ideas to try in November

This month our list covers fun projects like making otherworldly skies, bright still lifes, alternative autumn scenes and even turning the camera on photographers themselves, among many other fun and creative photography projects that are perfect for this time of year. Continue reading  

30+ Photoshop CS6 Tutorials For Designers


Have you ever think about Photoshop developers? Today there are 41 developers of Photoshop but in the beginning there were only two persons John Knoll and Thomas who worked on developing this Adobe Photoshop software. All started with frustration with new Apple Mac Plus that was unable to display those images that both these brother needs. Actually they need a software which could display grayscale images and could be used for image processing. In short they created Photoshop and now every designer is using this software. Now the Photoshop released newest version of Adobe Photoshop CS6 that comes with dozens of new features, options, layout, interface and functionality. Photoshop always helps a lot to a designer and therefore it is very famous and amazing software. A web designers who is looking to create web layouts, designs, amazing effects, illustrations, icons, buttons, logos and artwork, this software is the ultimate software for him. When a beginner is just going to start work on this software, he needs some help and guidance because nobody can master these skills in Photoshop without practicing more and more. Photoshop CS6 brings you more usability with increased features and functionality than its old versions. Many tools and functions of this latest version of Photoshop CS6 are as same as Photoshop CS5 but just some functions are upgraded and updated for more perfection in designing and to increase your results and work faster.


30+ Photoshop CS6 Tutorials For Designers

Previously we showed you a complete Adobe Photoshop CS4 Tutorial, but today we have come with 30+ Photoshop CS6 tutorials for designers. These tutorials will help you to learn new tricks and techniques, provide you with the useful mainstream information and will also help you to work with the latest developments. These Photoshop CS6 tutorial will help both experienced and beginners, so both should skim this collection and try out and use these tutorials. We pretty sure that you will love these tutorials so check them out and tell us which one actually helped you via comment. Your feedback is always welcome.

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How to create a brand identity: 10 expert tips


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It’s not as hard as you think! We explain how to create a new brand from scratch, in 10 easy steps.

When a client approaches you to create a new brand identity for their product, service or event, things can seem a little bit daunting. But don’t worry – all you need to do is apply all the skills you’ve built up in your design career in a slightly different way. To help you along, here are some expert tips on developing the perfect brand identity that will make both you and your client happy. Continue reading  

How to Take Tack-Sharp Action Photos


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You guys know I love taking photos of Miley and Howie running around like lunatics in the backyard. If you’ve ever wondered what the best settings to use to get action photos sharp and in focus were, here’s my go-to recipe for tack-sharp action photos. I use these five simple settings every single time. I still take a lot of photos, and I still get a lot of out of focus shots, but with these settings I get a whole lot more in focus than out of focus, and playing with my camera in the backyard with the pups is a much more pleasant experience. 😉

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7 Tips for Helping Women Love having their Photo Taken by You


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A Post By: Elizabeth Halford

When I look at a picture of myself, I can point out a million things I hate: my hair is always flat, I hate the ptosis in my left eye, I hate the shape of my brow bone, I have a bad complexion. And I’m a photographer! How can I expect women in front of my camera to feel any different than I do when I have to endure having my photo taken? I know that some men hate having their photo taken, too, and many of them probably aren’t as easy to admit that they hate their complexion or the shape of their brow bone, but I’m sure they think these things. Continue reading  

How To Resize Images In Photoshop CC


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Written by Steve Patterson. In this second tutorial onimage resizing in Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud), we’ll learn how to resize our images using the Image Size command. We’ll also learn the important difference between resizing an image and resampling an image, and how the resolution value of your image determines its print size. At the end of the tutorial, we’ll take what we’ve learned and use it to easily figure out the largest possible size that you can print your photo and still get professional looking results!

We took a quick tour of Photoshop CC’s newly redesignedImage Size dialog box in the previous tutorial, including a look at its new preview window, preset image sizes, and new interpolation options designed to maximize image quality, especially when enlarging an image. To get the most from this tutorial, I recommend reading through the previous one before you continue if you haven’t done so already.

Also, just a quick reminder that this series of tutorials is for Photoshop CC, available only with an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Users of Photoshop CS6 or earlier will want to read our original How To Resize Images In Photoshop tutorial and other related tutorials in our Digital Photo Essentials section. Continue reading  

CS6 Camera Raw – Interface Essentials


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Written by Steve Patterson. In this tutorial for Photoshop CS6 users, we’ll take a tour of the Camera Raw interface and learn where all of the various tools, panels and other features are located, so you can begin processing your raw, JPEG or even TIFF images in Adobe Camera Raw with all of the simplicity, freedom and flexibility it offers. Once we’re familiar with Camera Raw’s interface, we can then begin looking in much more detail at how to process, correct and retouch our images as we’ll do in the next tutorials.

Download our tutorials as print-ready PDFs! Learning Photoshop has never been easier! Continue reading