Basic knowledge Of Clipping Path

What is a clipping path?

You can use image clipping paths to define transparent areas in images you place in page-layout applications. For example, you may want to use a foreground object and exclude the background. An image clipping path lets you isolate the foreground object and make everything else transparent when the image is printed or placed in another application. It is a vector line art.


clipping path












Why need clipping in the image ?

Sometimes images are most looking worth for its background that are not beautiful. That time you cannot upload or publish your image for those background. So, you need to cutting objects, creating collages, cleaning pictures from unwanted background and things for getting a nice and outstanding image.

Generally, graphic design house doing that type of work, like- clipping path, clipping mask, image masking for removal background. It’s normally used to knock the background out of an image, but really it can be whatever you want – donut shapes, drop shadow, words etc also.


How Do Clipping Path?

clipping path or removal background is done by some important software. like- Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Instant Mask, Instant Mask Pro etc.

Adobe Photoshop is the best for image editing work and as well as clipping path or removal background. but sometimes, Adobe Illustrator is used for doing clipping path and other vector work.


Who need clipping path?

It is very important for professional photographers, advertisement agencies, Branding agencies, and so more.


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