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Bulk Image Processing and Background Removal

Which Softwares Should I Use for Clipping Paths

Bulk image processing can be done by specifying a size or file type, and then a script runs to convert the images. Hundreds or thousands of images with just a few clicks and nearly every image processor comes with a unique feature set. Removing image background is a tedious task and the process becomes even more difficult and time-consuming when the images to be processed are in bulk. Thus, having access to the right tools is very important for image background removal not only to make the task hassle-free but also quick.

Removing Image Background

Steps for Bulk image background removal:

1.       Step 1 Choose a Background Remover software.

2.       Step 2 Add images to be background transparent.

3.       Step 3 Check details of background-removed images.

4.       Step 4 Batch remove background from multiple images quickly.

How to remove the background of multiple images using Photoshop:

When it comes to image editing, Photoshop is the most preferred and talked about software. Developed by Adobe Inc, this Windows and Mac-based tool supports a wide range of functions that can be processed on almost all popular formats. Photoshop allows to remove background batch using a script and a step-by-step process for the same.

Limitations of using Adobe Photoshop for removing bulk image background:

Though Adobe Photoshop allows removing background from bulk images, the process is not simple and requires a lot of effort and steps. Photoshop is a good option for professional users who have a thorough knowledge of the software, scripting, and the process but for beginners and users with a non-technical background, the software is difficult to use.

Background Removal Software

5 Online Batch Background Removal Software:

FocoClipping is one of the most efficient tools to help to remove background from image in bulk more quickly. It is an online tool that helps in bulk image background removal in minutes. The tool offers precise recognition of portrait, product, and graphic photos that make it best for business professionals and for someone who is in graphics industry

Pixlr: Price:$7.99/month

Pixlr lets you remove the background from photos with its easy-to-understand functions and user-friendly interface. Furthermore, the tool has a batch mode, which allows to remove the background in bulk. Within minutes of launching the online tool, multiple images can be dragged and dropped.


·          A simple way to remove background images.

·         No limitation on size

·         It offers better performance


·         It is not entirely free.

Clipping magic: Price: $2.24/month

Using this tool, users can upload many photos at once. After uploading photos, the online tool will enable to track the progress of the pictures whose backgrounds are automatically removed. Furthermore, more files can be also add while the process is ongoing.


·         The auto-clipping AI is used.

·         Smart edits can be made such as keeping, removing and editing hair with it.

·         Clips large catalogs with ease.


·         Watermarks will be displayed on saved photos.

·         Quality may vary

Dropspace: Price- Different plans start at $9 per month.

Dropspace allows to do the bulk edit up to 100 photos per upload. With the help of batch AI background remover, a user can simply turn out the background to be white and transparent at their convenience. This is a tool with five additional features along with image enhancement and correction. For every site, the image can be optimized and exported in the format the user requires.


·         Easy to use.

·         Unlimited storage and backup.

·         Auto image enhancement.

·         Budget-friendly option.

·         Optimisation of the image.

·         New background can be added.


·         With the free version, only 40 images can be processed.

PixCut: Price- $18.99 monthly pro plan; $49.99 Pay as you go plan

In Pixcut A user just needs to upload the image, and it will automatically remove the background. The result can be downloaded in any of the formats as required. Also, the best part is there will be no need to seek any technical help in order to use this tool.


·         Easy to use.

·         Remove the watermark from the image.

·         Enlarges the image.

·         Simple to use.

·         Artificial intelligence is used with the tool.


·         Some users consider it an expensive option

5 Desktop Batch Background Removal Software: Price- $0.07/image, a desktop tool is only for one image at a time. Its desktop version makes it possible to save time since it can conduct bulk processes. Adding photos and waiting seconds to get high-resolution results is all that is required.


·         Instantly remove image backgrounds.

·         It is possible to process 1000 images or less in an hour.

·         Compatible with nearly all photo formats.


·         Results may not always be precise.

·         You may get disappointed due to the download quality.

·         Sometimes this online tool works too slow.

Slazzer: Price –  $0.14 per image

The Slazzer bulk image background remover makes images more compelling by bulk-chopping the background with just one click.


·         Makes the user experience exceptional.

·         Easily helps you remove background for thousands of images.

·         Save time, effort, and money.


·         You may experience that this tool is sometimes glitchy.

Photoscissor: Price- $29.99/1000 credits

Photoscissors is compatible with Windows and Mac systems. Users can add multiple images and process them at the same time. It is totally on the user whether they wish to remove the photo background or wish to keep it transparent colored or choose any design template. The images can be optimized for any E-Commerce site and other businesses.


·         Output size option can be chosen

·         Optimization of the images can be done


·         The user needs to purchase the credits for batch removal

·         With the free version, only single image background can be removed.


UniConverter: Price- Annual Plan $39.99/year; Perpetual Plan $79.99/Year

Wondershare UniConverter is the best software when the user wishes to remove the background from multiple images at once. It comes up with an innovative interface and does not cause any problems. This tool supports multiple formats, which simply means there will be no need to convert the image before removing the background. The background of the image will turn out to be transparent just with a few clicks.


·         Compatible with Windows and Mac.

·         Removal of background from bulk images is quick and easy.

·         Additional editing features are integrated into the tool.

·         Artificial intelligence is used to remove the background and make it transparent.


·         It is an expensive option.

·         Not supported with Linux System. Price- $0.099 / credit plan; $0.499 / credit Pay as you go plan

It helps to remove all the unwanted objects from the background. Even if user wish to make the background transparent in a video, the same can be done easily. It has an AI portrait enhancer that research and d blur the face. Overall enhancement of the image will be done with these effective tools.


·         Color correction is featured.

·         Make the background blur.

·         The screen and webcam recorder options are there.

·         Free images and search images are available.

·         Users can use the photo anime option.


·         Some users find it difficult to use.

CPZ for bulk image processing:

What we can do for you:

Though these AI generated software could do the changes you need for bulk background removal but a manual touch is mandatory for getting the right feel for the work done.

We can provide a well trained group of designers for the specific need of the client. We offer to set several meetings for understanding thoroughly the instructions for bulk image processing projects.

The delivery is done into batches for reviewing and checking if needed any additional work.

We do and redo until we achieve the client satisfaction.

We have a regular price list on the image editing service where we offer a gripping discount on bulk orders.

Approximately, 10-15 projects are being processed every month in CPZ with renowned companies of USA & Europe on bulk image processing.

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