Clipping Path

Similar to deepetching, comparable to any random picture from a book, paper or magazine we cut with scissors to get that desired border-cropped image, clipping path is all about drawing an outline of the object to be isolated and removing its background using closed vector path. Anything within this line or path is isolated from its background and then the background is removed to get the individual subject without any other elements such as shadow or display background. Removing unwanted elements from a background can be done in many other ways but the best result can be obtained only through the image processing technique of clipping path tool by Photoshop. For a focused or defined edge of all your images, skilled experts on clipping path work hard, to give you the output of your desire.

The experienced graphic designers use clipping path to the highest level of precision to provide the customer with high quality image resolution using Pen Tool from Adobe Photoshop. Our experts ensure the image does not end up looking pixelated, get an unfinished look or even have parts of background visible. The key to successful image processing is exceptionally well edited deep etched image. This means tool selection such as Magic Wand will be of no use if you are interested in excellent image processing!


Basic clipping path
Can before
Coca cola before
Soda can before
Can after
Coca cola after
Soda can after

Simple Clipping Path
Simple Clipping Path before
Simple Clipping Path after

Medium clipping path (T-Shirt)
T-shirt before
T-shirt after

Complex clipping path
Soda can before
Soda can after

Super Complex Clipping Path
Super Complex Clipping Path before
Super Complex Clipping Path after

Multi Path
Multi Path before
Multi Path after

Where is clipping path applicable?

  • For selecting individual areas
  • For the purpose of color correction
  • For altering the shape of an image
  • For selection and editing of specific region
  • For removing background of the desired image
  • For hiding or masking background in case of designer catalogues

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At this section we provide –

  • Clipping Path with White Background
  • Clipping Path with Transparent Background
  • Clipping Path with Custom colorization
  • Clipping Path for Color Separation (Multi-path)
  • Clipping Path with Resize
  • Clipping Path with Combination