How To Remove Image Background In Photoshop



Removing background from any image can be hard and time consuming, but the purpose can have infinite possibilities. In this Photoshop Tutorial we will discover how it can be done, using lasso tool. There are variety of options available depending on the nature of the picture.

Starting off, we will get rid of the natural background behind the Hooded Seedeater as well as the barbed wire.





Now before we get into any of the steps, simply duplicate the background layer. Doing so, we will have a backup of our original in case anything goes wrong. You will also have to remove the visibility of the background layer by unchecking the eye mark.


Going further, we can select lasso tool. Lasso Tool is made for selecting objects with complex edges set against contrast colors. By selecting the lasso tool, we will select the area we want to keep (the bird and the barbed wire).



Now after selecting the required area, click move tool. You will notice that now you can move your selected area and your background stays empty. Copy the selected area (Ctrl + C) and paste it anywhere in your workspace (Ctrl + V). A new layer will appear on your layer panel. You can delete the copied background layer or uncheck the eye to remove the visibility.



Moving on towards the final touches, we will use magic wand tool to remove the unwanted areas. Select the tool and then click on all the green unwanted area and hit delete.



Finally, create a new layer just to add a background of your choice. We will add a gradient to the newly created layer of gray and white. Though, we have successfully removed the background from the bird and barbed wire.


Since we had our cropped subject on a new layer, we can do a number of tricks with our background.


Finally the result looks cool! Let us know which other Photoshop tip you would like to see!