Clipping path or cut out starts from as low as $.29 USD. It depends on image complexity, number of images, and turn-around time. Check our gallery for different types of clipping examples – contact our 24/7 customer service to get an exact price for your project.

Clipping Path: Why It’s Beneficial?

Clipping Path & Background Removal

Photoshop Clipping Path Designing

In simple terms, a clipping path is an outline of an image produced by using the Pen tool of Photoshop. It is a closed vector path and it can be used to cut out areas of 2D images and also remove the background from the selected areas.

The benefit of using a clipping path is that the path is reusable and transferable across images. If an image were to be cut out without a clipping path then if any mistakes were made, then it could not be undone without having to cut out the image from the start again. Using a clipping path reduces the time to fix errors as the path can be easily modified and the area can be cut out from the original image again with just a few clicks.

Why would one require clipping paths? Well, there are a lot of reasons. Companies might want to display their products on a white background on their websites, but their photos were shot on a background of a different color. Maybe you want to change the color of a certain section of an image, so you would need to make a clipping path to select that area. There are many, many applications for this.

What Are the Benefits of Clipping Paths?

Image Clipping Path Service

A clipping path service is a valuable resource for various industries, including graphic design and photo editing service. These services involve the process of isolating or separating a specific object or subject within an image from its background.

This is typically done using photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop. Here are some of the key benefits of clipping path services:

Background Removal

Clipping path zone’s image background removal services are commonly used to remove the background from an image, leaving only the subject or object. This is particularly useful for e-commerce websites, product catalogs, and advertising materials, as it allows for a clean and consistent look.

Image Manipulation

Clipping paths enable image manipulation, allowing designers to place the isolated subject onto a different background or combine it with other elements to create composite images.

Furniture Background Clipping

Improved Aesthetics

By isolating the subject, you can enhance the overall aesthetics of an image, making it more visually appealing and professional.

Product Presentation

For e-commerce businesses, clipping path services help showcase products with precision. It ensures that product images have a consistent and appealing appearance across a website or catalog.

Selective Editing

Clipping paths allow for selective editing of specific parts of an image. This is useful for photo retouching service and enhancing specific areas while leaving the rest of the image intact.


Jewellery Clipping Path

With clipping mask path services, you have complete control over the shape and precision of the cutout, ensuring that it meets your specific requirements.

File Formats

Clipping path services typically provide the edited images in various file formats, making them suitable for both web and print applications.

Time and Cost Savings

Outsourcing a clipping path image editing service can save a significant amount of time and money for businesses compared to hiring in-house professionals for image editing tasks.


Complex clipping path editing services ensure consistency in the way products or subjects are presented across different media and marketing materials.

High-Quality Output

Experienced professionals who provide clipping path service provider can be skilled at producing high-quality, pixel-perfect results, ensuring that images look their best.

Complex Object Isolation

Multi Clipping Path Service

Clipping path services can handle even complex and intricate objects, such as fine hair, fur, or intricate patterns, which can be challenging to isolate accurately using other techniques.

Global Reach

Many companies offering clipping path services operate globally, providing businesses access to a wide pool of skilled professionals and ensuring a quick turnaround time.

There are also entire companies dedicated to providing the clipping path image masking service and full background removal service. Teams of a few individuals to a few hundred are not uncommon. So it is very well possible to make a living from clipping paths as well.

CK Ariyan


CK Ariyan

Clipping Path Services

Hand Drawn Pen Tool Technique For Cleaning Images

The best clipping path service provider company or cut out product photo editing service is all about drawing an outline of the object to be isolated and removing its background using a closed vector path. Anything within this line or complex clipping path is isolated from its background and then the background is removed to get the individual subject without any other elements such as shadow creation or display background changing.
There are many ways to clip an image at the drop shadow service, but the best result is usually obtained through the pen tool technique. Using the hand draw pen tool gives a focused or defined edge for images, giving a professional look to your images.
The key to successful graphic design for image editing processing is an exceptionally well edited deep, etched image. This means selecting the right tool for cut out images, such as Pen Tool or Magic Wand tool, to get the desired result!
When to Use The Clipping Path?
  • For selecting individual areas
  • For the purpose of color correction
  • For altering the shape of an image
  • For selection and editing of the specific region
  • For removing the background of your desired image
  • For hiding or photo masking background in case of designer catalogs
There are different types of Clipping path
  • Clipping Path with White Background
  • Clipping Path with Transparent Background
  • Clipping Path with Custom Colorization
  • Clipping Path for Color Separation (Multi-path)
  • Clipping Path Image with Resize
  • Clipping Path with Combination
clipping path service illustration

How Does Our Image Clipping Path Service Work?

Our photo retouching service involves Adobe Photoshop software through a simple and efficient process. Here are the steps involved in advanced photo editing services for photographers to create product clipping path indesign or photoshop:

Requirements: As a professional photographer, you tell us what you need for your clothing photos products online, eCommerce product image or jewelry image editing project and any create clipping path InDesign through Adobe Photoshop that you will use as marketing material for your business goals.

This includes the number of images, specific instructions for clipping paths, color correction service and any other image clipping path services you may need.

Analysis: Our multi clipping path service expert clipping factory with an image manipulation team reviews your project details and determines the difficulty needed to finish the task.

We then send you a custom quote showing the affordable rate of the Photoshop clipping path in Illustrator service. As a bonus, it’s a free quote from our image editing services since this will save time.

Acceptance: You can check the quote and decide whether to use our Photoshop services, as we aim to be the best clipping path company and always give our best. If you agree with the price, we go to the next step. Providing professional photo editing services is our goal to ensure client satisfaction. Here are our services:

  • Multiple clipping path service
  • Online clipping path service
  • Photo clipping service

 Before we start the full production, and to ensure the quality of the best clipping path service company, we will give you a sample of our work (e,g. hair masking, face mask clip art, procreate clipping mask).

This allows you to see the quality images and precision of our eCommerce photo editing services. You can give feedback and ask for any changes to ensure the desired result based on your eCommerce photography.

Production: After you approve the sample and give any feedback, we will start the full production. Our skilled team of eCommerce image editing service and quality clipping path experts will carefully and accurately create multiple clipping paths for your images by using the Photoshop pen tool, following your instructions and specifications.

Payment: When the image clipping service is complete with the perfect product photography you provide, our fast clipping path company will send you the final invoice for the Photoshop image masking services rendered.

You can use the payment method we agreed on for the clipping services that our image editing company suggests.

Online Delivery: After receiving payment for the background image clip path, we deliver the edited images to you in the desired format (accept JPG JPEG PNG and JPG clipping path or a combination of all of them) via an online platform or file transfer method.

Among other things, best clipping path services ensure the images are securely transferred and meet your expectations for a quick turnaround time to ensure customer satisfaction. Using any skilled professionals in multiple clipping path solution photo editors, you can check if we are providing quality services or not for your Photoshop clipping path jobs.

Issue Resolution: Outsource photo editing services, if you encounter any issues or concerns with the delivered work, we are committed to resolving them promptly like a pro clipping path king. Our dedicated team for customer support is available to address any questions or concerns.

This dedicated customer support team is available 24/7 at our photo clipping path service. Our Photoshop clipping paths also provide bulk amounts of online photo clipping path services that ensure the best clipping path services.

You can now see how the background clip path successfully gets our quality photo editing service. Whether you need product photo editing services, professional photo editing services, high end photo retouching services, or real estate photo editing services in a short time, our Photoshop clipping path services can help.

What Is the Purpose Of Clipping Path Zone?

We do not have a minimum order quantity limit for outsourcing clipping path work because we aim to be the best clipping path service provider company. Choosing our clipping path studio or post production services for your image editing needs offers several advantages:

Customers’ Satisfaction With the Service

In the case of low prices for a Photoshop clipping path service provider, we automatically think of a compromise in quality. Being in the editing technique business for this long, our Photoshop clipping path service company understand that quality often surpasses the price.

Actually, we make sure, and when necessary, remove clip path from SVG or remove clipping path illustrator and strive to meet the customer’s quality expectations. Outsource Clipping Path Photoshop zone will ensure customers get the high quality editing service they need to boost sales.

The Perfect Timing

As a professional clipping path service provider, delivering premium quality photo work on time is our commitment. Our Photoshop experts deliver bulk images within the delivery time for customers.

Once a customer contacts us for Photoshop clipping path remove background color clip path, our team provides an estimate and acknowledgment within 30 minutes. Let our Photoshop clipping path services handle your bulk images, and you can spend time developing your photo clipping services business.

Ensured Lowest Price

Our clients receive one of the best values for image background removal services or other image retouching services with pure white backgrounds. You can choose the low cost clipping path service package that meets your jewelry clipping path service needs.

Be it one off product photos, or thousands, we can provide the Photoshop editing services you need. We ensure the best clipping service and offer clipping path outsource solutions or photo editing services at affordable prices, so get a trial today for the best photo restoration services.


Cutout and Backgound remove Before Cutout and Backgound remove After
Shoe 2 Before Shoe 2 After
ES31799 Before ES31799 After
Shoe Cut Out Before Shoe Cut Out After
Sample 5 Before Sample 5 After
CK Ariyan


CK Ariyan